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Welcome to the website of Legacy Christian Academy, now in Fairview Heights, IL. We are thrilled that you are looking into a Christian education for your child. Over 30 years ago, my husband and I helped start Legacy Christian Academy, then known as Chapel Hill Christian School, in Fairview Heights. There were four families at our church interested in a Christian academic preschool experience for our four-year-olds. There were none in this area. With God’s guidance, and our four preschoolers started a 3-day-a-week Christian preschool in a church classroom. The school grew and grew until we outgrew the church building we were in and God provided a wonderful school building in Caseyville, IL! God is so good!

Fast-forward 17 years to March 2020 to the year of COVID-19. What an adventure! The boiler in the Caseyville building cracked and was irreparable. Then COVID-19 hit our state, and we were told we had to go to online learning. We were like you, unsure of where things were headed. But we had prayer daily and our families were blessed with a full day of classes through May. The students and staff did an incredible job!

During this time, the Christian School Board decided it was best to sell the school building, and it was put up for sale. We knew that God had a plan, and we wanted to be faithful to His direction. In August, the decision was made to not hold school for one year. That school year would be used to reorganize and restart Legacy in a new location. As I spent that time in prayer, the Lord said over and over again, "Go back to the beginning." We asked former parents, staff, and board members to fast and pray for a six-week time frame, part of January and all of February 2021 as little was happening, and we needed direction during that time of fasting and praying to decide what to do for the coming school year. We are proud to announce that Legacy Christian Academy sold their Caseyville building in a few weeks after starting the fast and signed a rental agreement to “go back to the beginning” at 5100 N. Illinois St., Fairview Heights, IL! There we continued school for preschool through 8th grades. God is so good! And we can't wait to see all that he has in store for us in the coming years.

Legacy Christian Academy believes that every child is figuratively standing on a three-legged stool, as taught in the book Kingdom Education by Glen Schulz. Each leg represents the worldview taught to the child by the church, the home, and the school. If a child does not hear the same message from each of these entities, their worldview will not be built on a solid foundation, preferably that of Jesus Christ. LCA strives to partner with the home and the church to have this solid foundation for our students to stand on.

Over the years we have acquired many excellent teachers. Our staff has a deep level of commitment to Christ and to this ministry. Their passion is to see all students give their lives to the Lord and show that love in obedience to His Word; this passion is fused into each subject taught at LCA.

Using an exceptional Christian curriculum, our students excel above the average student being educated in our area. We teach advanced math skills, cursive handwriting, intensive phonics, and reading to our preschool and kindergarten students. With this kind of academic foundation, our students thrive, grow, and mature as they make their way from preschool through high school.

I hope you will contact us for a tour of our school. I think you will be happy with what you see in us!


Mrs. Gajewski,

Principal, LCA