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1st - 4th Graders

A Beka Curriculum

  • A Beka curriculum is used for Math, Language, Reading, Spelling, History, and Penmanship. These are rules-governed lessons and activities so there is a logical purpose behind the learning.*
    • Math – We teach traditional mathematics which promotes structure and order that shows students the importance of exactness, preciseness, and completeness of math.
    • Language- The study of grammar is valuable in helping students express themselves clearly and creatively.  It enables them to think logically and in an orderly fashion. 
    • Reading/Phonics – We teach from the basics of phonics which makes reading more sensible.  We place a high priority on phonics and reading in every year of learning.
    • Spelling- There is a new list of spelling words each week for grades 1-8.
    • History- Kindergarten through 4th grades will focus on American geography and biographical glimpses of Americans who have helped shape our country.  5th-8th grades give students a better understanding of the working knowledge of the Eastern hemisphere history and geography.
    • Penmanship- Starting at preschool age, we teach cursive handwriting.  Cursive involves a flowing, uninterrupted movement which reinforces the left-to-right use of our written language. It also reinforces the beginning and end of words, with proper spacing of letter, unlike manuscript

Bob Jones University Press

  • Bob Jones is used for Bible. This curriculum is used to engage the students in Bible reading, application, and activities that challenge their growth in their relationship with God.

Purposeful Design Curriculum

  • Purposeful  Design curriculum is used for Science.   This curriculum has many hands-on activities/experiments, engages students in discovery, advanced thinking,  exploration, and investigation of God’s purposeful design for our world,