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Preschool and Kindergarten

A Beka Curriculum

  • Phonics: Names and sounds of letters; special sounds (ch, sh, th, ay, etc.)
    • Decoding words through one-vowel/two-vowel rules
  • Reading Groups: All students experience guided reading with peers in a group. Reading books reinforce lessons learned during phonics class.
  • Cursive Handwriting: Lessons are correlated with what they’re learning in phonics.
  • Math: Traditional math that includes counting and recognizing numbers 1 through 100; addition concepts up through the sum of 10; telling time with analog and digital clocks; counting money using pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters; measuring with rulers
  • Social Studies: An introduction to American history and geography as well as people living in other countries.
  • Science: A simple introduction of God’s Plan for the universe including lessons on weather, seasons, seeds, animals, and the seashore.

Bob Jones University Press

  • Bible: Old and New Testament stories teaching Creation, Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Elijah, Samuel, David, Jesus and the miracles of Jesus; memorization of approximately 25 Bible verses