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Our Beginning

Legacy Christian Academy was started over twenty years ago when four families were looking for a Christian preschool for their preschoolers. They spent all summer praying together on Friday mornings for God’s guidance. He led them to start a part-time preschool program with four students. This program was under Chapel Hill Christian Church. The second year the program was again just four-year-olds but the numbers more than doubled with nine children. The third year there were over twenty students in three classes, three-year-olds through kindergarten. The fourth year was the year elementary was started, first through third grades. There were eight students in elementary. After that, the school numbers continued to double and sometimes triple. God was blessing Chapel Hill Christian School!

Chapel Hill Christian Church merged with another church and the name was changed to Cornerstone Christian Church and School. There was such growth in both ministries that a new building was built in Shiloh, IL. However in 2004 God had a different location in mind for the school.

God Provides

There was an empty school building in Caseyville that needed to be filled. Cornerstone Christian School (CCS) moved to Caseyville with over 100 students. The property included the many things that were being prayed for by the school, such as large windows, large chalkboards, desks, lockers, a teachers’ lounge and store room, a kitchen that allowed cooking to be done, and a large play area. CCS was thrilled to be able to rent the building from St. Stephen’s Catholic Church at a very reasonable price.

After a couple of years of renting, the building was offered to Cornerstone Christian School to purchase for the price of a home in this area. They couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be school owners, especially since they knew God was working again.

Now, in 2020, God is providing again. The current building being the age it is has brought about some needed repairs that Legacy can not afford. But, He has given us an opportunity to partner with Korean International Christian School (KICS). They sent 8 students to us this year, and we loved every minute of it! The partnership has gone so beautifully, that LCA is moving to a 60,000 s.f. building in Belleville that KICS has purchased. It will house preschool through 8th grade for 2020-2021, but the goal is to grow through 12th grade in the near future. Legacy is becoming an international school!

In light of COVID-19, Legacy will be able to offer online classes for all subjects along with onsite classes. Students from all over will be able to join us for one class or the whole day with this new venture. This is very exciting to us and we are praying for


After the building was purchased School Board and School Administration started thinking about becoming a separate entity from the church. There were several reasons, including the fact that people thought CCA was only for Cornerstone Christian Church members and CCA was truly a separate entity in every way. The name of the school was changed to Legacy Christian Academy and we minister to families from all over the Metro East area as an independent school. God is so incredibly good.

Going Forward

Legacy Christian Academy has now extended the school to include ninth grade last year and tenth grade this year. LCA is looking to have our high school students test into the Running Start program at Southwestern Illinois College in Belleville for the junior and senior years of high school. The other program offered to high school students is to graduate from LCA at the end of their junior year as they will have all the credits mandated by the State of Illinois at that time. We are excited about what our graduates will be doing and where they will be going in the future, as our first goal is to train in them to love the Lord first and foremost, followed by loving people, and then academics.